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Our plumbers are available 24 hour a day. For any plumbing issues, we have dedicated emergency plumbers that can be with you fast. Do you need an Emergency Plumber in Calasbasas?


Our Plumbing Services in Calabasas


Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are vital in areas where flood water accumulates in the buildings. Buildings in low-level lands and those who have basements inside are more prone to such flooding. Sump pumps suck out all the water from the buildings.

Installation of New Equipment

Installation of New Equipment

Are you planning to buy a new dishwasher or a water filtration system? Our plumber Calabasas can help you with your purchase and install it correctly.

water Heater

Water Heaters

Our plumbers in Calabasas are experts in installing water heaters. We are capable of installing water heaters of all tank capacities. You can call us to fit the newer tank-less water heaters as well.


Sewer and Drain Cleaning

We use advance tools to inspect your drains and sewers for blockage. In case of an obstruction, we carry out a thorough cleaning. Such as hydro-jetting among others.


Unclogging Services

Do you have a clogged toilet, kitchen, shower, drain or sewer line? Then contact us for unclogging services for your home and business!


Water Lines

We build seamless water lines for your homes and commercial buildings. Our water lines are least at risk of leakage.


Leak Detection & Repair

Do you suspect a leak? If you have wet walls / floors, smell a strange odor or unexplained water bills. Then give us a call right away!


Main Line Repiping

Our plumbers can repipe your incoming water line or sewer line for your property to great rates!


Gas Plumber

We provide gas repiping and valve replacement and installation services.

Need A Plumber in Calabasas?

Plumber Service in Calabasas

Other Plumber Services in Calabasas

We move ahead with the world. The world is accepting technology in all fields. 101 Plumber Service in Calabasas adopting new time and energy efficient methods to bring quality plumbing to you. Our electronic inspections, leak detection, and repairing do not bring harm to your property. We always stay ahead to offer all kinds of services including:

  • Faucet repair and installation.
  • Replacement of Toilet and repair.
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Water heater repair and replacement for all kinds (gas, electric, solar & tankless).
  • Indoor and outdoor leaks handling and leaking detection.
  • Water re-pipes.
  • Sewer line & Slab leak locating.
  • Sewer / Gas line repair and replacement.




What to Expect from 101 Plumbing Services Calabasas

Expect nothing but the best from us. We are all professional plumbers who stays updated with the new and advanced methods in plumbing.

Our plumbing team are all keen to learn and eager to serve you. This to an affordable rate with high quality services.

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